Get Ready for the Busiest Staging Season

by Debra Gould, The Staging Diva

Since we’re into the busiest staging season in North America, in this month’s articles you’ll learn how staging helps buyers connect with a vacant house with an excellent example of a staging transformation by a recent Staging Diva Grad.

You’ll also discover where you can find 13 free marketing tips, avoid the most common home staging pricing mistake and meet 7 inspiring home stagers.

I’m so glad April is over, it was a very tough month, and I’m definitely ready to hold onto that “handle of faith instead of anxiety” to paraphrase Henry Ward Beecher!

In addition to a death in my family, my teen suffered a brain injury only weeks before final exams. In the face of all that, getting my taxes done almost felt like a welcome break.

Thankfully I run my own business. I don’t know how I could have dealt with all this (and been available to the people who needed me most) if I were an employee begging for time off.

Plus, I saved a small fortune in taxes because I have an incorporated company. If that’s not something you’ve set up, you should really think about it. You’ll find that topic covered in Course 2 of the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program, please re-listen to your recordings for more details.

Please send me your questions or story ideas so that I can cover them in future issues of this newsletter or in the Home Staging Business Report.

To read all this month’s articles please click on the following link:

Home Staging Articles for May 2012

Enjoy this month’s posts and Happy Mother’s Day!

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